Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Living Room Table

Welcome to a world of style and elegance! In this article, we will explore some fabulous ideas to elevate the look of your living room table and transform it into a stunning focal point. From minimalist to classic, modern to bohemian, we’ve got you covered with a plethora of stylish options. So, buckle up and get ready to embark on a visual journey that will leave you inspired and excited to revamp your living room table. With a touch of creativity and a sprinkle of personal flair, your table will become a true reflection of your unique taste and personality. Are you ready to discover these amazing ways to decorate your living room table? Let’s dive in!

Choosing the Right Table for Your Living Room

When it comes to decorating your living room, one of the most essential pieces of furniture is the table. The right table can not only serve as a functional surface for your everyday needs but also add style and personality to the room. To ensure that you choose the perfect table for your living room, consider exploring different table styles, sizes, and materials.

Explore Different Table Styles

One of the first things to consider when choosing a table for your living room is the style that best complements your decor. There are various table styles to choose from, ranging from classic to contemporary. Some popular styles include:

  • Traditional: These tables feature elegant designs and are often made of wood. They can bring a timeless and sophisticated look to your living room.
  • Modern: For a sleek and minimalist look, consider opting for a modern table. These tables often feature clean lines and are made of materials such as glass or metal.
  • Rustic: If you prefer a cozy and natural feel, a rustic table may be the perfect choice. These tables are typically made of wood and showcase a more earthy and relaxed aesthetic.
  • Industrial: Industrial tables are known for their unique blend of both modern and rustic elements. They often incorporate materials like metal and reclaimed wood to create an edgy and urban look.

Take the time to explore these different styles and see which one resonates with your personal taste and the overall vibe of your living room.

Consider Table Sizes

Another important factor to consider when choosing a table for your living room is its size. The size of the table should be proportional to the available space in the room and the other furniture pieces surrounding it. Too small of a table may get lost in the room, while an oversized table can make the space feel cramped.

Measure the area where you plan to place the table and consider how much surface area you need. This will help you determine whether a coffee table or an end table would be more suitable. Coffee tables are larger and can serve as a centerpiece in the room, while end tables are smaller and can be placed beside sofas or chairs.

Additionally, consider the height of the table. The height should complement the seating in the room. A general rule of thumb is to choose a table that is around the same height as the seat of your sofa or chairs.

Look at Different Table Materials

The material of the table can greatly impact its overall look and durability. Consider the following materials when choosing a table for your living room:

  • Wood: Wooden tables are timeless and versatile. They can be stained in different shades and finishes to match various decor styles.
  • Glass: Glass tables add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any living room. They also create a sense of openness and can make the room appear larger.
  • Metal: Metal tables are durable and can add an industrial or contemporary vibe to your living room. They are often used in modern or minimalist decor styles.
  • Marble: For a luxurious and opulent feel, consider a marble table. Marble tables are known for their unique patterns and can be a statement piece in your living room.

Take into account the other materials present in your living room, such as the flooring and upholstery, to ensure that the table material complements the overall aesthetic.

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Living Room Decor

By exploring different table styles, sizes, and materials, you can find the perfect fit for your living room decor. Remember to consider your personal style preferences, the available space, and the overall aesthetic of the room. Once you find the right table, it will become a stylish and functional centerpiece in your living room.

Creating a Balanced Centerpiece

When it comes to decorating your living room table, one of the most important aspects is creating a balanced centerpiece. A visually appealing centerpiece can greatly enhance the overall style and aesthetic of your living room table. Here are some tips on how to arrange a centerpiece that complements your table:

Consider the Size and Proportions

Before you start arranging your centerpiece, it’s important to consider the size and proportions of your living room table. You don’t want a centerpiece that is too large and overwhelming, nor do you want one that is too small and gets lost on the table. Take measurements and choose a centerpiece that fits well with the dimensions of your table.

  • Measure the table: Use a tape measure to determine the length and width of your living room table.
  • ⚖️ Consider the proportions: Choose a centerpiece that complements the size of your table, neither too large nor too small.

Select a Focal Point

In order to create a visually appealing centerpiece, it’s important to select a focal point. This could be a single item or a group of items that stands out and draws attention. The focal point will be the centerpiece of your living room table and set the tone for the entire space.

  • Find a focal point: Look for an item, such as a vase, a sculpture, or a unique decorative piece, that catches your eye and reflects the style you want to achieve.
  • Consider the theme: Choose a focal point that aligns with the theme or style of your living room.

Create Balance with Symmetry

Symmetry is an effective way to create balance and harmony in your centerpiece arrangement. By placing similar items on both sides of the focal point, you can achieve a visually pleasing and symmetrical look. This helps to create a sense of order and organization on your living room table.

  • Arrange symmetrically: Position matching decor items on both sides of the focal point to create balance.
  • ️ Consider the surrounding elements: Take into account the other elements in your living room, such as furniture and artwork, and ensure they harmonize with the centerpiece arrangement.

Add Layers and Textures

To make your centerpiece more visually interesting, consider adding layers and textures. This can be achieved through the use of different materials, heights, and shapes. Mixing and matching various elements will create depth and dimension, making your living room table more visually appealing.

  • Use natural elements: Incorporate elements like flowers, branches, or greenery to add a touch of nature and freshness to your centerpiece.
  • Combine textures: Mix and match different textures, such as smooth surfaces, rough textures, and shiny finishes, to create visual interest.

Consider the Overall Style

Lastly, when arranging your centerpiece, it’s important to consider the overall style of your living room. The centerpiece should complement the existing furniture, color scheme, and decor in the space.

  • Match the style: Choose a centerpiece that aligns with the style and theme of your living room, whether it’s modern, traditional, eclectic, or minimalist.
  • ✨ Add personal touches: Incorporate personal items or sentimental pieces that reflect your personality and add a unique touch to the centerpiece.

By following these tips, you can create a balanced centerpiece that enhances the style and visual appeal of your living room table. Remember to consider the size and proportions, select a focal point, create balance with symmetry, add layers and textures, and consider the overall style of your living room. With a well-arranged centerpiece, your living room table will become a stylish and inviting focal point in your space.

Using Decorative Trays

Discover how decorative trays can help organize and display various items on your living room table in a stylish way.

1. Organizing Small Items

Decorative trays are a versatile and stylish option for keeping small items organized on your living room table. Instead of having loose items scattered all over the table, you can place them in a tray to keep them neatly contained. This not only helps in decluttering the space but also adds a decorative touch.

  • Use a tray to hold your remote controls. Remote controls are essential for your entertainment system, but they can easily get misplaced. By dedicating a decorative tray to hold your remote controls, you can always find them in one place.
  • Keep your coasters in a tray. Coasters are essential for preventing water rings from forming on your table. Instead of having them scattered around, place them in a decorative tray for easy access.
  • Store your favorite books in a tray. If you enjoy reading in your living room, using a tray to store your favorite books can add a stylish element to your table while keeping them organized and within reach.

2. Displaying Decorative Items

If you have decorative items that you want to showcase on your living room table, using a decorative tray can help elevate their visual impact.

  • Showcase a collection of candles. Candles can create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in your living room. Placing them on a tray not only adds a decorative touch but also makes it easy to move them around when needed.
  • Display a curated selection of florals. Whether it’s a vase of fresh flowers or a collection of faux succulents, arranging them on a decorative tray can make them stand out and create a focal point on your living room table.
  • Highlight your favorite decorative objects. Whether it’s a small sculpture, a piece of art, or a unique trinket, using a tray allows you to highlight and draw attention to these items, creating an eye-catching display.

3. Creating a Functional Centerpiece

Decorative trays can also serve as a base for creating a functional centerpiece on your living room table. By combining various elements, you can create an attractive and purposeful arrangement.

  • Combine a tray with a vase and candles. Start by placing a vase of flowers or greenery in the center of the tray. Then, add a few candles around it to create a visually pleasing centerpiece that also adds ambiance to your space.
  • Add a tray with serving essentials. If you use your living room table for entertaining, consider using a tray to hold serving essentials like napkins, salt and pepper shakers, or a small cheese board. This not only adds a stylish touch but also makes it easier to set up and clean up when hosting guests.
  • Create a themed display. Depending on the season or occasion, you can use a decorative tray to create a themed display. For example, during the holidays, you can arrange ornaments, garlands, or festive figurines on the tray to create a festive atmosphere in your living room.

In conclusion, using decorative trays is an excellent way to organize and display various items on your living room table in a stylish and functional manner. Whether you’re looking to declutter and organize small items, showcase decorative objects, or create a centerpiece, incorporating a decorative tray can elevate the overall aesthetic of your living room while adding convenience and style. So go ahead and explore different tray options to find the one that best suits your personal taste and complements your living room decor!

Adding Greenery for a Fresh Look

Discover the stylish ways to decorate your living room table by incorporating plants or flowers. Not only do these natural elements bring life and freshness to your space, but they also add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Here are some creative ideas to enhance your living room table with greenery:

1. Miniature Succulent Garden

Add a charming touch to your living room table with a small succulent garden. Choose a variety of succulents in different shapes, sizes, and colors to create an eye-catching display. Arrange them in a decorative tray or a vintage container for a unique and stylish look.

  • Mix and match different types of succulents, such as echeverias, sedums, and haworthias, for an interesting visual appeal.
  • Place the succulent garden near a window to provide them with enough light and ensure their healthy growth.

2. Fresh Flower Arrangement

Brighten up your living room table with a beautiful flower arrangement. Opt for seasonal flowers or your favorite blooms to add color and fragrance to the space. Choose a vase that complements your decor style and experiment with different flower combinations for a stunning centerpiece.

  • Select a mix of flowers in various heights, textures, and colors to create a visually appealing arrangement.
  • Change the water in the vase every two to three days to keep the flowers fresh for a longer period.

3. Hanging Terrarium

Add a unique element to your living room table by incorporating a hanging terrarium. These mini glass containers suspended from a metal stand or rope create an interesting focal point. Fill them with small air plants, moss, or even tiny figurines for a whimsical touch.

  • Choose easy-to-care-for plants, such as air plants or succulents, for your hanging terrarium.
  • Hang the terrarium at an appropriate height to ensure it doesn’t obstruct the view or hinder conversation.

4. Herb Garden

Take your living room table decor to the next level with a functional herb garden. Incorporating aromatic herbs not only adds a refreshing scent to your space but also provides you with fresh ingredients for cooking. Plant herbs like basil, mint, rosemary, and thyme in individual pots or a long planter for a kitchen garden-inspired look.

  • Place the herb garden near a sunny window to ensure the plants receive enough sunlight for healthy growth.
  • Regularly trim the herbs and use them in your cooking to keep them thriving and maintain their shape.

5. Terracotta Pots Collection

Create an eclectic display on your living room table by showcasing a collection of terracotta pots. Fill them with various plants, such as small potted ferns, cacti, or trailing vines. Arrange them in a visually pleasing pattern or group them together for a cohesive look.

  • Choose pots of different shapes and sizes to add visual interest to your terracotta pots collection.
  • Consider using saucers or trays underneath the pots to catch any water drainage and protect your table.

Elevate the style and ambiance of your living room by incorporating greenery into your table decor. From miniature succulent gardens to herb gardens, there are numerous ways to infuse nature’s beauty into your space. Get creative and experiment with different plants, arrangements, and containers to find the perfect combination that suits your style.

Utilizing Candle Holders and Votives

When it comes to decorating your living room table, candle holders and votives can be a stylish and versatile option. These items not only add a warm and inviting glow to the space but also serve as decorative pieces that enhance the overall aesthetic. Here are some creative ways to utilize candle holders and votives to transform your living room table into a cozy haven:

1. Mix and Match

Add a touch of personality and variety to your living room table by mixing and matching different styles of candle holders and votives. Opt for a combination of sizes, shapes, and materials to create an eye-catching display. Consider using metallic holders for a modern and sleek look, or go for rustic wooden votives for a more natural and earthy feel.

  • ️ Pro Tip: Choose candle holders and votives that complement the overall decor and color scheme of your living room.

2. Create Height

Add visual interest and dimension to your living room table by playing with different heights of candle holders and votives. Use varying heights to create a layered effect that adds depth to the table’s arrangement. Place taller candle holders in the back and shorter votives in the front to create a cascading effect that draws the eye.

  • ️ Pro Tip: Use candle holders with unique shapes or designs to further enhance the visual appeal.

3. Grouping and Clustering

Create an intimate and cozy ambiance by grouping and clustering candle holders and votives together on your living room table. Arrange them in small clusters or groupings and vary the heights and sizes within each cluster. This arrangement will create a warm and inviting focal point in the room.

  • ️ Pro Tip: Use candle holders and votives of different colors and textures to add dimension and interest to the groupings.

4. Seasonal Themes

Switch up your living room table decor with seasonal candle holders and votives. During warmer months, opt for bright and vibrant colors that reflect the lively energy of spring and summer. In contrast, during the colder months, choose warmer tones and scents that evoke cozy winter evenings.

  • ️ Pro Tip: Consider incorporating seasonal elements such as pinecones, dried leaves, or seashells to further enhance the seasonal theme.

5. Personalized Touch

Add a personal touch to your living room table by customizing candle holders and votives with your own designs or personal mementos. Consider using glass paints to create unique patterns or adding small photo frames to votives to showcase cherished memories. Personalized candle holders and votives will make your living room table truly one-of-a-kind.

  • ️ Pro Tip: Keep safety in mind when customizing candle holders and votives, ensuring that any added materials are non-flammable and do not pose a fire hazard.


Incorporating candle holders and votives into your living room table decor is a stylish and effective way to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. By exploring different types of candle holders, mixing and matching styles, creating height variations, grouping and clustering, following seasonal themes, and adding personal touches, your living room table can become a stunning centerpiece in your home.

Incorporating Art and Personal Touches

Looking to add a personal touch to your living room table? Incorporating art, photographs, or sentimental objects can be a great way to showcase your personal style. Here are some stylish ways to decorate your living room table and create a unique and inviting space.

Display Artwork

One popular way to bring personality to your living room table is by displaying artwork. Whether it’s a painting, a framed print, or a sculpture, art can instantly elevate the look and feel of your table. Choose pieces that reflect your personal taste and style, whether that’s bold and colorful or subtle and minimalist. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different art styles and sizes to create an eclectic and visually interesting display.

Showcase Photographs

Another way to infuse your living room table with a personal touch is by showcasing your favorite photographs. Whether it’s photos of loved ones, special memories, or breathtaking travel destinations, incorporating photographs can bring a sense of nostalgia and warmth to your space. Consider using a mix of frames in different sizes and styles to add visual interest. You can also create a gallery wall by arranging multiple photos on your table.

Highlight Sentimental Objects

A living room table is a perfect place to display sentimental objects that hold special meaning for you. It could be an heirloom passed down through generations, a cherished souvenir from a memorable trip, or a trinket that reminds you of a loved one. These objects can serve as conversation starters and add a layer of personal history to your living room. Get creative with how you display them, such as placing them on a tray or in a decorative bowl.

Create a Theme

If you want to take your living room table decor to the next level, consider creating a theme. A theme can help bring cohesion and purpose to your table display. For example, you could create a beach-inspired theme with seashells, coastal artwork, and a glass bowl filled with sand. Or, you could go for a vintage vibe with antique books, retro cameras, and an old-fashioned clock. The possibilities are endless, so have fun and let your imagination run wild!

Select Complementary Colors

When choosing the artwork, photographs, and objects for your living room table, consider selecting items that complement the colors in your room. This will help create a cohesive and visually pleasing look. Look for colors that are already present in your space, such as the hues in your furniture, curtains, or rug. For example, if your room features shades of blue, consider adding artwork or objects with blue accents to tie everything together.

Add Greenery

Don’t forget about the power of greenery! Adding a touch of nature to your living room table can instantly breathe life into your space. Place a small potted plant or a vase of fresh flowers on your table to bring a pop of color and freshness. Not only will this add visual interest, but it will also contribute to a more inviting and vibrant atmosphere in your living room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about stylish ways to decorate your living room table:

How do I choose the right centerpiece for my living room table?
To choose the perfect centerpiece for your living room table, consider the style of your room, the size of the table, and your personal preferences. A floral arrangement, a decorative tray, or a unique sculpture can all make excellent centerpieces that add a touch of style to your space.
What are some creative ways to display books on a living room table?
Instead of stacking books, try arranging them in different ways. You can use bookends, vertical stacks, or even display a few open on a stand. This adds visual interest and makes your table more intriguing.
How can I incorporate candles into my living room table decor?
Candles are a great way to create ambiance on your living room table. Consider using various sizes and shapes of candles and place them in decorative candle holders or trays. Don’t forget to keep safety in mind and never leave burning candles unattended.
What are some essential elements to create a styled coffee table?
To create a styled coffee table, include elements like a tray or a decorative box to corral smaller items, a stack of books or magazines, a plant or flowers for a touch of nature, and a personal item or a unique statement piece to reflect your personality.
How can I add a pop of color to my living room table?
Introduce a pop of color to your living room table through things like vibrant coasters, colorful books, or a decorative bowl filled with colorful fruits or flowers. This will instantly add visual interest and make your table more lively.
What are some tips for maintaining a clutter-free living room table?
To keep your living room table clutter-free, consider using organizers like trays or baskets to store items, regularly purge unnecessary items, and make a habit of returning items to their designated spots after using them. This will ensure your table remains tidy and stylish. ✨

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